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My little Angels not
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Friday, 25 April 2014

Pink and Girlie

At DD we got 2 weeks pink for you, as you know pink is a symbol of breast cancer something I fight against at the moment. It was a shock when we found out just few days before Xmas that I've got the 21st century illness (cancer) so 2014 is all about fighting for me. After abt a week crying we accepted the fact and we started to get back to normal well as normal as possible.
We told the kids (5&6) that I'm very ill Alfie the older one asked questions and I tried to answer the way he can understand, few days later he had some more questions but then my daughter joined too and I told both the illness is inside mummy what they cant see, in order to understand a bit more I allowed them to compere my two boobs so they can feel the difference and understand better what I was talking abt. Alfie did get upset (getting up early, blurting out he's upset I might loose my hair) He has calmed down now. My other half is a different thing. We were crying together when we found out what I'm facing with, he feels guilty that he should have it not me, he become very-very protective, I'm supposed to have chemo brain but looks like he's got it lol I think he's more scared than I'm.
This whole thing has changed us, we much closer and we have learnt to appreciate every little thing. I'm very lucky to have a partner who looks after me and brilliant friends who make sure I'm fine. I always had a motto "think positive, be positive" and believe it or not it helps a lot. After my 1st chemo loads of ppl said they did not believe how well I looked. I just try to look the positive things in everything, when my 2nd chemo been delayed due to low white blood cells I looked the positive in it that I definitely can go to Switzerland as I was supposed to get my 4th chemo on the 9th of April and going to Switzerland next day and we weren't sure if I'll be well enough but this way I had to have my 4th after our holiday, see in the bad there is the positive too and that's how I have to look this whole thing.
My family in Hungary took it hard especially my dad. I never ever heard him cry like the day I told him I've got breast cancer, my sis was ok (but than I'm not so close to her) my cousin who's only a month younger than me took it very badly, she was crying for abt 2 days but than we were always very-very close even though I've been in England over 16 yrs now.
I have to tell you one thing I have no family history of breast cancer, I always cook (even the pizza dough)  we walk everywhere and yet something has triggered my cancer.
I have been emphasizing to everyone not having a family history does not mean anything and please-please do check your breast on regular basis.
If you got any question do ask, if I can help in anyways I'm here
So here is my Pink and Girlie

We went to Switzerland in spring holiday it was FANTASTIC, we all had a lovely time and I used a DD  Hydrangea go with SB.

 My pink accessorise
Take care hugs