My little Angels not

My little Angels not
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Friday 27 June 2014

Buttons and Bow

Hi all
This week over at Delicious Doodles we got Buttons and Bow, it's  an easy one to work with.
Here is my creation
I used 2 DD image:  Sunshine Gal and Ice-Cream Sundae
and my DP & WA is Create with TLC


I used my water colouring pencils to colour the images and the backing paper just simply distressed and added some fake stiches too. in my stash I found this little button and with a thin ribbon I made the bow. The ice-ream been printed twice and the 2nd one been glued inside and made stiches opposite sides to the front.
 Why don't you pop over to DD and see what the rest of the team came up with
Ildz x

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Recycled tag

Hello everyone
I'm my crafting mood the last week or so. Having good news after seeing the oncologist is give me the lift I needed to sit down and craft. My CT shows that on my breast hardly anything left from my lump but unfortunately the liver needs a bit more work therefor I'll have to  have two more chemo after Thursday, what I thought will be my last one, but hey if my liver needs it and I can avoid operation then I don't mind, it's good to see that the end of the tunnel it's not so fare away now lol
Over at Try it on Tuesday this weeks theme is "Tag" it can be just a tag or it can be a tag on card it's up to you as long as it's got a tag somewhere.
Here is my creation
The tag was on one of my top I bought I didn't even change anything on it just hide the writing with my image. The image is by Paulette from Create with TLC, Paulette had a nasty fall and needed an op so pls go to her blog and leave a bit a love. My card is very simple card but I like it.
Pop over TioT and have a look what the rest of the team come up with
Ggggggggr so angry set it on schedule again and didn't post
Take care

Friday 30 May 2014

Get your animals out

Hi Peeps
Sorry being MIA but as you know life is not to rosie for me at the moment although things are looking up but still some way to go. Still got 2 more chemo with a CT between and the rest after I finish chemo, not gonna go into it now.
So this week at Delicious Doodles we got For the Love of Animals theme. Bring all those , animals stamps/digis or anything you wanna make as long as it's animal related and it doesn't have to be DD image but if you do enter yourself twice.
A month ago it was my son's birthday, I hardly can believe my little boy is already 7, so I made a card for him. As I was going through images he was like wow I like this wow this is sooooo cool so I picked one of the newest image called Owl be 'm'Eating You and Men's Sentiments and here is the card
That's all from me now, hopefully I'll have the energy to finish of my next card
Bye for now
Gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr should've published on Friday, it was on schedule.

Friday 25 April 2014

Pink and Girlie

At DD we got 2 weeks pink for you, as you know pink is a symbol of breast cancer something I fight against at the moment. It was a shock when we found out just few days before Xmas that I've got the 21st century illness (cancer) so 2014 is all about fighting for me. After abt a week crying we accepted the fact and we started to get back to normal well as normal as possible.
We told the kids (5&6) that I'm very ill Alfie the older one asked questions and I tried to answer the way he can understand, few days later he had some more questions but then my daughter joined too and I told both the illness is inside mummy what they cant see, in order to understand a bit more I allowed them to compere my two boobs so they can feel the difference and understand better what I was talking abt. Alfie did get upset (getting up early, blurting out he's upset I might loose my hair) He has calmed down now. My other half is a different thing. We were crying together when we found out what I'm facing with, he feels guilty that he should have it not me, he become very-very protective, I'm supposed to have chemo brain but looks like he's got it lol I think he's more scared than I'm.
This whole thing has changed us, we much closer and we have learnt to appreciate every little thing. I'm very lucky to have a partner who looks after me and brilliant friends who make sure I'm fine. I always had a motto "think positive, be positive" and believe it or not it helps a lot. After my 1st chemo loads of ppl said they did not believe how well I looked. I just try to look the positive things in everything, when my 2nd chemo been delayed due to low white blood cells I looked the positive in it that I definitely can go to Switzerland as I was supposed to get my 4th chemo on the 9th of April and going to Switzerland next day and we weren't sure if I'll be well enough but this way I had to have my 4th after our holiday, see in the bad there is the positive too and that's how I have to look this whole thing.
My family in Hungary took it hard especially my dad. I never ever heard him cry like the day I told him I've got breast cancer, my sis was ok (but than I'm not so close to her) my cousin who's only a month younger than me took it very badly, she was crying for abt 2 days but than we were always very-very close even though I've been in England over 16 yrs now.
I have to tell you one thing I have no family history of breast cancer, I always cook (even the pizza dough)  we walk everywhere and yet something has triggered my cancer.
I have been emphasizing to everyone not having a family history does not mean anything and please-please do check your breast on regular basis.
If you got any question do ask, if I can help in anyways I'm here
So here is my Pink and Girlie

We went to Switzerland in spring holiday it was FANTASTIC, we all had a lovely time and I used a DD  Hydrangea go with SB.

 My pink accessorise
Take care hugs

Monday 13 January 2014


Hi all, it's been a while since I blogged. I used up all my spear cards so I had to sit down and craft and it felt really good.
Crafting has taken my mind of my breast cancer. I'm sooooooooooooo nervous gonna find out on Wednesday when will I start my 6 dose of cemo, and in June I'll have my op then local radio therapy then I have no idea, well I take it gonna depends what they do when they operate me (taking lump out or I have to have my boob removed) but at the mo I just take one step a time. My mum fling over in 1st of March and staying for a month, looking forward to that.

But anyway over at DD we asked you to use flowers, have to say it's nice to use flowers when it's so horrible outside, it did cheer me up (I need loads of cheering up lately lol )
I have used the cute Bee with flower
Sorry my pic is not the best but still got to transfer my photo editing program onto my new lap-top 
I made a 2nd card with flowers and this time I used High Hopes stamps where the theme is "Use your fav stamp" I found difficult to pic from my stash so I decided to use this simple corner flower for a thank you card.
That's all for now, hopefully slowly slowly I'm gonna get back into crafting. Gonna hit the sack now, haven't been sleeping to well since Santa got me breast cancer lol

Monday 9 December 2013

Hopefully I'm back

Hi pips, really sorry I went MIA. Me and crafting is not getting on to well. This year I hardly got any crafting stuff and I broke my beloved die cut machine which is not good but it's on my Santa's list lol
Still not in crafting mood but I have to make something to take my  mind off from an upcoming appointment. Let's put it this way I hope it's not the "C" word. Wont know results probably till mid January, so just got to stay strong and I try not to think of the worst.
So I thought I do I quick tag which is TT's challenge and I know I'm late for my DT project but It's good for mid week reminder.
I'm using High Hopes stamp, Santa is enjoying holiday and probably drinking Mojito but soon he's got to leave that behind and get to work lol
So here is my tag

I'll be entering this into High Hopes challenge where the theme is: Santa Clouse coming to town
Sorry abt the bad pics, got a new lap top and I'm still not comfortable using it and I still have to transfer my pic editing program too.
Take care everyone

Friday 21 June 2013


This week over at Delicious Doodles we asked you to use a bit of stitching. I think my stitching is a bit OTT but I had so much fun. I have used the gorgeous Sniffing Daisies what you can find in the shop

I'll be entering this card into the fallowing challenges:

That's all for now
Thanks popping by