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Monday, 5 October 2009

How to make an Apron card

I done a life crafting on Crafters Companion. I seen it on Creat&Craft. The apron was coming from a CD but I haven't got it but thought I can make a template myself without CD.
A4 base card
C5 patterned card
C6 card/paper
2 embossing ball same size head
Small plate
Step1: Cut 17cmx12cm patterned paper and on the top right&left mark 3cm inwards and mark it, then measure 6cm down both sides and mark it.
Step2: Take a small plate or in my case I used my double sided tape and make a semi circle
Once you done your semi circle it should look like this.
Step3: Cut away the semi circle. Your apron is done. This point for further references you can draw this round on a separate paper/card and you can use it whenever you want to without making any measurements.
Step 4: Punch hols as you see on picture below.
Step 5: Thread your ribbon through and secure it in the back.
It should look like this
Step 6: Put your A4 card front of you and stick your apron on the right side making sure you got about 2cm on top,bottom and right side
To make it easier to work with my embossing tool a but rubber band round it.
Step 7: With your embossing tool start to draw round your apron.
You should have line like this
Step 8: Once you finished drawing round it fold your card by the 2ND line. So on left you got a small margin.
Step 9: Cut round the 2ND line make sure the left side is the apron is stays.
Step 10: From your A6 paper/card cut 9cmx7cm and on the back mark it 1cm like I done it below.
Step 11: Cut corners out and fold by the lines.
Step 12: Stick it on your apron and now you just got to decorate it.

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