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My little Angels not
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Saturday, 28 November 2009

My 2nd blog award

I got this lovely blog award from Spider (Lyn). It is nice to see other ppl think of my work. Thank you Lyn. Gives me such a boost.
The rules for this 'Honest Award' are...
1. To thank the person for the award and to..
2. Pass it on to at least 7 lovely blogging people and then...
3. List 10 honest things about myself....ouch...
Ok here we go:
1, I'm Hungarian
2, I'm 36 for an other 2 month lol
3, I'm mad abt Crafters Companion
4, I'm running behind with all my crafting
5, Haven't got enough time to look other ppls blog and I do love reading them
6, I craft whenever&wherever I can
7, I spend every spear penny on craft maybe even more :-)
8, When I go into red I hate telling my OH because he keeps going on and on abt it
9, I become stamp addicted
10, No matter how far away I'm from my friends, I always think of them and miss them a lot.
I'd like to give this award to
1, Nikki (Bunny Zoe) Nikki's creations just stunning
2, Klari because her Scrapbook pages are just brilliant
3, Timcso this is a blog where you can get loads of inspiration
4, Ilonka her creations are truly stunning
5, Avril just pop over and see her blog wow
6, Fiona go and see yourself wow wow
7, Rachel she makes brill sketch's and very kind person


  1. Szia Ildikó!

    Köszönöm szépen a díjat, meg a szép szavakat is.Annyira aranyos vagy! Már gondolkozom a feladaton.

  2. Hi dear Ildiko, Thanks for the award sweetie and it was great to read a little more about you :-) Guess what hun? Your missing stamps from HH will be with me either tomorrow or Tuesday! Yay! Big Hugs, Nikki x