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My little Angels not
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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

WOW look what I've got today

I received an award form a blog friend who I met on CDAC, she is new to blogland and her name is Sara and her cards are really fab.
Here is the award I've received

Now how cool is this

One of the requirements of this award is not only to thank the person, who sent you the award, but to tell your followers 8 things about yourself and then send it to 8 other person who you think deserves the award.
How an earth am I supposed to chose only 8 person, tuff but I shall do it
First of all here is the 8 thing abt me
  1. I love my family, my little ones mean the world to me and even though they drive me mad sometimes I still would not change them a bit
  2. I'm mad about crafting, if I can not craft for few days I get VERY stroppy lol
  3. I spend way to much time front of the PC browsing websites for bargains
  4. I love cooking too, love when someones comes to us as it means I can show off with my cooking
  5. I LOVE having long bath (min an hr) so I can read my craft magazines in peace
  6. I've got one digi place where I go every day and it's a free one well does have a shop to it too but there are load and loads of freebies to play with(TLC link on my side bar)
  7. I miss Hungary very much especially as Xmas coming up
  8. I'm not to good with dusting an cleaning (blush blush) but the house still clean as my OH does the dusting, washes the floor, I do hoover, iron and wash clothe and do washing up too but not al the time
and here is the 8 person I'm gonna give this award to
  1. Wendy
  2. Karen
  3. Danielle
  4. Netty
  5. Lis
  6. Darlene
  7. Anita
  8. Pascale
Phew this was hard as I could pick more
Hugs and happy crafting


  1. Hi -- I just wrote a long post today on my blog about Blog Awards! I am very thankful that you thought of me -- But, SADLY and I am not able to accept BLOG AWARDS!

    Here is my post -- I do HOPE you'll understand!

    Lastly, I also want to say thanks to those of you have have sent me a Blog Award...and I've been very fortunate to have received many, even in this past week. My thanks for taking the time and effort to select my blog for the award. Sadly, I have had to make it my personal choice, not to accept ANY blog awards, simply because I can not keep up with the follow-up that is required to pass them along. This week alone I received three of the same award and I'm deeply touched. Thank you again and I do wish I could easily accept them, but I can't. It's too difficult to keep up with all the work and typing needed to make it fair to all. I don't feel right about taking them, if I can't follow up! :(

    To me--my awards are the wonderful comments you all leave daily and they mean so much to me. If I could easily accept the awards, I would, but I can't and that's why I decided to stop accepting them. It's NOT at all personal, it's just too hard for me to do all the typing. Many of my posts were scheduled in advance when I feel well and when I can type...many days it's too much!

    Thanks for your kindness,

  2. How sweet of you to honor me with this award! Thanks so much!

  3. HI Ildiko
    Many thanks for giving me the award

  4. Thank you Ildz.
    I will put it up when i have a moment got lots that i need to get done here first so it might take a few days

  5. thank you so mutch for the blog award Ildz....hugs Anita

  6. Thank you honey - A real honour. And brought a huge smile to my face. I will try sit and do a link back and post a little later - as I am really struggling to stay at my computer right now.