My little Angels not

My little Angels not
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Friday, 14 January 2011


I can't belive it I just messed my background up, wanted to change it and everything went pear shaped, got to figure out how to do it back, even my header is of set, boohoo, maybe in the morning with the clear head I can do it better. Now I'm way to tired to do it.
And I lost a fallower as well ;-(


  1. Ooooo - I worry about those lost followers too! I lose one or two every so often, but can never figure out why. Its most likely people doing what I do - periodically I go through and blitz my follow list - my tastes change often, so I drop people who are not my current taste! Sounds harsh, but I am now back up to over 300 blogs I am following, so I need to do something!

    Hope you get everything sorted soon"


  2. I can sympathise with you. I was changing the background on mine on Thursday and lost my blog completely. Spent most of yesterday and managed to get back to a basic blog stage. Hope your changes go smoothly for you. xx