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Friday, 24 June 2011

Somethin cute or cuddly

Friday which means Delicious Doodles Challenge. Is butterfly counts towards cute lol def not cuddly though. To be honest I had to make this 18th BD card and I had 2 choice, use the Butterfly fairy what I used on my bookmark last week and using with other things what you gonna see next week or not making anything. I decided I rather make my card but might not as cute as should be. I decided to make a tent card and this will be my 1st attempt. I had to make it a bit differently from the tutorial I've seen cos I already got my box for the card and it's a specific size, so had the button before I've go the coat lol
Anyway you'll be the judge if it's cute or not.

I couldn't post this post or rather shedule it last nigh cos after 20 pic still wasn't good enough to blog it so had to wait till I got home from shop and hairdresser, dog walking to take new pick. I kept the side view from last night though. I was playing with the settings and I like this one lol after all the camera is my toy too and was having fun taking pics, none was good enough to post though lol

Last minute I messed her face up but it's been already glued on and can't take it off and no time to redo it again.

Sorry it's a short post as I still got loads to do before the whole set is ready. Present is ready but now I'm making the box. I need to decorate it now. Been coloured but still not 100% happy with it so need those vital decoration as the colouring is just a base. Come back next Friday to find out how the box looks like, tell you it was hard to get the base ready. OK I can tell you this much it's a jewellery box.
Off to do my box now. My FP (friendly plastic order had a bit of hick up so one colour is missing but I think I can do without it, just got to improvise right lol

Oh I bought few fab butterfly anda peacokfeathre for my box, I think it's gonna look FAB well I hope it will

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  1. Definately cute and I guess depending on who you are she could most definately be cuddly ;)

    Have a fab time

    Claire x

  2. Oh my this is super cute. Wish I could do it too :/
    New follower. Hope you can follow back:

  3. Fabulous 18th birthday card!

  4. Looks awesome hun - love the tent design.