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Monday, 13 May 2013


I've got an other card to show you. I made this for Alfie's birthday 2 weeks ago but I forgot to post it for High Hopes challenge then but as the theme is " One for the boys" I can post it now.
The digi is Harry Potter by Bugaboo and the owl well 1/2 is HH image. Obviously the owl is Hadwig ( I should know by now how to spell it but I don't sorry)

 Here we go the birthday boy
 Ok now you wonder why I've took a pic of my little family by someones grave, well it's Adrian's  great granddad grave in Preston and he is a WW 1 war hero who was awarded  the biggest/highest medal can be given the Victorian Cross. When Adrian talked abt to Alfie,  Alfie sad he wants to go and see the museum where his VC is, so that how we ended up in Preston for his birthday and we made a long weekend out of it. It was really nice
 Little close what was named after him
 Went to the Museum/ baraks where he was stationed and we were shown around, took us upstairs and got all paper work out from the archival AND had the honour to hold the Victorian Cross, it;s heavy lol
 Kids were absolutelly having blast. We were the only visitors so when we were upstairs looking the documents they were left alone downstairs to craft and later they came up to look round, they behaved really well
 I think Alfie really liked the hands on on stuff

Off to do my washing up, for some reason it did not go away in the last 2 hrs lol damn looks like there is no washing up fairy lol

Take care and thanks popping by

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  1. Sorry, I swear there is a gremlin in my inlink account! Try to add your card to the High Hopes challenge now.