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My little Angels not
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Thursday, 2 July 2009

An other old card I made for in-laws

I made this card last year for mother is law's request. I never told her how much was to make a copy of the photos she gave me, but it was worth every penny. My father in law called me to thank for the card. I kept the whole thing very simple (or maybe not lol).
I have used one of Joanna Sheen's CD(sorry can't remember which one)
Do craft's rose stamp
Spirellie punch
One of the Glitter Girls embossing board
Black mirror board and ribbon from stash
I made an A5 card and for the front made 2 booklet what I stuck on opposite direction so opening faces each other. The top booklet is slightly bigger than the bottom one. The top booklet is the wedding photos, the bottom one is Rob's favorite pic of Kath and Kath's favorite pick of Rob and their 25Th anniversary (wasn't last year lol). I have used my spirellie punch to make a comment.

Inside an other booklet the front pic is how they look now days and inside got the verse on a fold down booklet.
Because I love this card so much and could not decide whitch pis to use I used all the pictures what Rob made me.


  1. This Is lovely Ildeko. What an extra special gift

  2. saw this on the forum and thought it looked fab, looks even better here!