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My little Angels not
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Monday, 7 September 2009

Ribbon rail

I had enough of not be able to see my ribbons. So Saturday I went to B&Q and Homebase and bought few bits.


240cm long wood cut in half

240cm long round wood cut in 5

No nail glue

Mug hooks

Small pot of yellow paint

1 Coat hanger

Raffia from shad

I had to go out and buy more mug hook but bought smaller ones pack of 25 it's not on the pick
The unpainted wood whats my base been glued on with No more nail

I painted it and screwed the hooks in every 10cm. One place there is a 20cm gap where I bended a coat hanger and out of the remaining I made hooks (forgot to buy it and I was to lazy to go out and buy some so I improvised). I think the coat hanger can't take the weight so I got to get more round wood to replace it.
Onto the bottom bit I put raffia where I can hang my small bits of ribbon and on the side put some screwed rings where I put more ribbons lol

Just from a different angle.

And here it is!
All my ribbons, well almost all, my thin ones didn't feet so still in box but I can see those as got little window on it.

Took me soooooooooooooo long to organise my ribbons. Most of it just were in the box folded up. I had to make a middle out of hard paper (Recycled kitchen towel roll, loo roll and the left over from the wrapping paper), took me abt 8-10 hrs to have my ribbons ready to go on the holder

Close up on top bit

Close up on middle section

Close up on bottom section

I knew I got some ribbon but never thought I got so many. Now I can use my beauties. I hardly used them as I didn't know what do I have.

Making this rack didn't take long. The paint is not wood paint but it done the trick for me. I didn't spend more than £20 to make it. I'm very proud of my handy work. Everyone can make this. I didn't use drill, didn't use screwdriver.

We don't need hubby's help all the time plus if I would've asked it would've taken him month to make it lol Took me a weekend cos my ribbons weren't on the reel.


  1. Fab idea hun, and well done for doing your own DIY.

  2. Well done Ildiko, you've done a brilliant job.Clever you!
    Pat xx

  3. Ildiko well done you. What a clever way to store your ribbons & I bet Alfie helped out too in the fun xx Clare x

  4. excellent idear Ildiko and well done for making it all by yourself give yourself a huge pat on the back x mandy

  5. How cool is that - FANTASTIC job Ildiko.


  6. brill idea.. and cheers for the step by step... i dont think i have the space for something like this but its def a great idea...!!! good on you...!!!

  7. Great idea Ildz if only i had the wall space
    Anne xx

  8. Ildiko, your imagination and hard work certainly paid off! Wow great idea! and what a beautiful collection of ribbon!