My little Angels not

My little Angels not
2009 Spring

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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Here we go...

...we saying our goodbyes to 2009. I can not believe this year flew away soooooo fast.
Lets high light few things:
  1. I started my blog this year so in January when I'll gonna be yr old might do blog candy.
  2. Started stamping this year
  3. My style has changed a lot
  4. And lets not forget my daughter Emese (Mesi) done her 1st step at 10month & 2 weeks and can say Nooooo in Hungarian (neeeem) so sweet. Few moth down and now she runs.


  1. Thanks for you comments on my blog.I hope you enjoyed the blog hop and thanks for taking part.
    Debbie xxx
    Have a fab New Year

    and happy birthday for january xxx

  2. Boldog Új Évet kívánok! Happy New Year!:)