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My little Angels not
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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Can I be proud of myself?

Few of you know I started to design for Debbi Moore. Seeing my samples on telly makes me almost cry, I feel like I've achived something. Next step is to do my own craft classes (that's my dream), hopefully I can start it next May once Mesi starts nursery too.
Anyway I stop gobbing and I show you my cards

The first one was a demo on Friday when pick of the week was launched

I think I deleted the better picture sorry

My 2nd card I made some inside shots before I put the front on, I have to say the camera crew done a very good job when they done the close up. ( I think when I showed my other half my card on telly he was proud of me but would not say it lol that's man for you lol )
You can see my pegs lol

Here is my 3rd card an A4 card

My 4th card is a small box with tags in it

And my last card is a C5. I just used their papers to make a Xmas tree whit my octagon nesties ( let me know if you seen my nesties, ever since I made the sample I can't find them lol )

I had 3 full days to make my samples plus 2 nights. Poor Adrian was mad at me as I stayed up till 3/4 am on Friday&Sunday night. I always find hard to pick what I want to use as I want to use all of it lol I was asked if I could make 5 samples ASAP so these were the ones I made, some simple some complicated.
Thanks popping by


  1. Saw your cards live on TV, fabulous, ordered my CD's direct DM site. Do you ever sleep ??

  2. Yes hun - you can definately be very proud of yourself!! So glad one of us got on the telly (shame it wasn't me!) LOL

  3. I am sure ither half is very proud of you MEN.
    I am well done ildz, when they read your name out on the window box, i jumped up and said thats my friend ildz, All your samples are stunning.
    I am proud of you,

  4. Seeing these it is clear why Debbie chose you for her DT fabulous all of them the house is especially striking Congratulations on wonderful work hun. xx Zoe

  5. Yeah you go girl, I saw your cards and they are fab!

  6. I'm curious, how did you get chosen to be on Debbies design team.

  7. Congratulations Ildiko. You really desrve to be real proud of yourself!! Hope we see a lot more of your designs on C&C with Debbie Moore.
    I`ve left a little something for you on my blog

  8. Wow, amazing cards you've made and the house looks wonderful! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  9. Congratulations Ildz, I'm sure I saw your work on C & C with Debbie. Your work is stunning. Can't wait to see more. :-) xx