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My little Angels not
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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Finaly I'm home

I have to say 3 weeks was more than enough with the kids alone, even dough I was at my parents, mum is waiting for her knee replacement so I was helping her out and dad been working a lot so I came back more tired than before I left. I managed to leave my camera cable home so couldn't post my DT cards.
Being home is great part of not finding my craft stuff as Adrian just put all my stuff upstairs and it's on top of each other we had an argument abt it as I have nowhere to craft now but he thinks I do. I have to tell him need a book case so I can organise my craft room what finally can have back as he moved rooms round and we got Mesi in big bed too.
Next step is do some blogging but before I do that I got to find my craft stuff lol Sorry for moaning just had to get of my chest.


  1. Welcome back Ildz, I've missed you. I have an OH who never complains when I spend money on craft stuff but doesn't understand that I need to be able to get at my stash when I want it not in 2hrs time when I've found it. Take a deep breath, settle back into home life, enjoy Mesi who must be a big girl now in a big girl bed. We will be here when you are sorted. DON'T STRESS about crafting it's supposed to be enjoyable. hugs :-) xx

  2. Welcome home Ildiko you have been missed but it sounds like you were much needed by your family (((Hugs))) Hope you can soon restore order to your home it must have been a shock to get back and find things were not as you left them. A good nights sleep in your own bed will soon restore you. xx Zoe

  3. Welcome home hun! Hope you have unburied your craft stuff now.